4 Ways to Rock Jelly Scandals

Photo courtesy of pinterest.com


When I was a kid in the ‘90s, there were these shoes that I never understood as fashionable, but they like most things came back. Unlike typical trends that come back, this one I actually approve of. Shoulder pads on the other hand that made their way to fashion a few years ago, when they reside in the ‘80s.  Jelly Sandals are a perfect end of summer staple.

1. High waisted flair skirt


The best thing about the clear jelly sandals is they match pretty much everything.  Summer is a great time to try this trend, match a cute flowery skirt with a cute crop top.

2. Over alls


In my opinion, overalls are a tough piece to make look cute.  What matters is the fit, wash, and how you style it.  The problem is overalls can sometimes make you look goofy and young, but if you style this trend correctly it will completely transform the outfit.

3. Cute mini dress


Ok, so a mini dress may look cute with pretty much anything, but I think these are perfect for a summer night out because you never know what kind of adventures you might be going on.

4. Maxi Skirt


What I like about the black jelly sandals is they are a little bit of an illusion.  From far away you can’t tell that they are this ‘90s trend that was brought back and look more dressy.

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