7 Back to School Trends You Need to Know

Photo courtesy of newsday.com

For some reason it feels very strange writing a back to school post; it seems like summer went by faster than ever (which I’m sure is what everyone says). This year is probably my biggest change thus far and now that I have an apartment and don’t have to worry about building my bookcases and bed frame anymore, I can now look at some cute back to school clothing.

1. Open Toe Booties 


Booties; Toms, Nordstrom, Lulus
Sweater: ASOS
Bag: Coach

I’m starting with this one because I’ve been obsessed with this trend all summer, but to me, it never felt like a summer trend. To me, less is way better in the summer because it’s so warm and being outside in the sun can get so uncomfortable. These boots are perfect for warm weather with a cool breeze.

2. Turquoise 


Turquoise:Bloomingdales, Yoox

Turquoise rings have been a style for a while, but people rarely wear turquoise clothing…until now. My favorite is the military inspired jackets. A jacket is always a great way to add some color to an outfit.

3. Bright colored hair 


Crop top:H&M
Shorts: Kohls
Shoes: Timberland

In my opinion, everyone at least once should dye their hair a crazy color.  You may love it or you may be counting the days until it washes out.  Last year I dyed my hair bright pink, which was fun for a day, but after that, I was over it. Although, I couldn’t be more glad to admit that I had bright pink hair once.

4. Coral 


One of my favorite colors, whether it’s used as accent pieces or dresses; what I love about coral is how well it works with nude.  It is great for those early September days.

5. Floral 


Floral:She in

Most people think that floral has its time in spring and summer, but never extends to fall or even winter.  The thing is, you can wear any summer dress in the winter depending on how you style it.

6. Turtlenecks under dresses 

Turtle neck:Alexander Wang

Like the paragraph above, wearing a turtleneck under a dress is a great idea for how to wear a dress in season it wasn’t typically designed for. Also, another great idea is combining a cute turtleneck under a pair of overalls.

7. Wide legged pants 


Pants: Express

This is great for when you want to be comfortable, but also look stunning.  It’s a great way to wear ankle boots, but also, wearing any type of heel instantly transforms you into a model.

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