5 Pieces from Milkweed Mill to Turn Your Apartment into a Cute Country Oasis

This summer I become a little too obsessed with the show Fixer Upper.  If you’re a fan of that show, then you know they just released news that they are no longer filming the show. If you were hoping one day to have a cute little country home for yourself or even your apartment you’re living in currently, don’t lose hope.

Photo courtesy of decoist.com

Milkweed Mill was founded in 2015 when the owner, Stacy, and her boyfriend bought their first house.  Their house wasn’t like anything seen on the show Fixer Upper, but it wasn’t their dream house. Together, they began doing projects together; they got so many compliments on their house they started to make things for an Etsy shop.

A photo posted by MILKWEED MILL (@milkweed.mill) on Aug 21, 2016 at 4:31pm PDT

//platform.instagram.com/en_US/embeds.jsAll the items from their shop are homemade, and the best part is they are even willing to do custom work.  The owners Stacy and Nate are constantly coming up with new pieces to put in their shop.


1. Wood counter top 

Photo courtesy of Milkweed Mill
One thing I’ve always wanted in my house is a kitchen counter to eat on.  What I like about this is you’re not sitting down low and it is less formal than sitting at a kitchen table.  The great thing about this piece is you are able to mount it on any wall you want i.e. you could place it against a window and have a great view every morning while you’re eating breakfast.

2. Wood island

Photo courtesy of Milkweed Mill
An island is a staple to any kitchen; my favorite part about an island is when you’re preparing food – you’re not cut off from the rest of the kitchen. For example, if you’re chopping up veggies in a kitchen without an island, you’re most likely staring at a wall.  A kitchen island is a great idea because you can still communicate with your guests while you’re chopping up veggies/cooking.

Living Room 

3. Coffee table

Photo courtesy of Milkweed Mill
  I love this coffee table, mainly because of the size of it.  In my house, we have this gigantic coffee table that always has nothing on it; so, why do we even have it? In my opinion, a smaller square shaped coffee table makes your living room look more balanced.

  4. Hanging rope shelf

Photo courtesy of Milkweed Mill
Instead of having the traditional side table in your living room, try this hanging shelf.  It is a great way to add more style to your living room.


5. Farmhouse door

Photo courtesy of Milkweed Mill

It’s impossible to have a cute country oasis without a farmhouse door.  My favorite part about these doors is that they slide open. It adds more of a vintage feel. Also, they never slam shut or blow open and take up extra space.

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