7 Products to Make Your Skin Clearer

Photo courtesy of seventeen.com

What first attracted me to Formula 10.0.6 was their colorful package (you should never judge anything from it’s cover), but I was very glad I did.  What I loved most about their products was how different they all were.  We all have our favorite brands and when you think about it, they all have something in common like the texture or consistency.  I appreciated how each of the products I tried had a different purpose to helping my skin.

Photo courtesy of formula1006.com


1. Keep Your Cool  

Photo Courtesy of daisylocks.blogspot.com

What I loved about this was how easy it was to apply and wash off before going out.  Many products I’ve used to help reduce the look of acne never work.  This was a light clear mask that was great to use before putting on makeup.

2. Picture Perfect Day

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I have very oily skin and pretty much have never used a moisturizer until this one. I loved how lightweight this was and that it didn’t affect my skin too much.

3. Get Your Glow on

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People say when you’re in a happy relationship you get this glow, well you can also get it from this face mask.  I loved using this mask before I would take any photo, because it made my face really light up.

4. Pores Be Pure

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I loved this mask, for a few reasons.  One was the smell of the mask, it was amazing.  Sometimes masks can be too much, or in some cases smell horrible, but this one was great.  The second part I loved was how it worked with my skin.  It wasn’t messy and helped improve my skin.

5. So Totally Clean 

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I used these before I went to bed.  Sleeping with makeup is absolutely horrible for your skin, and just cleansing your face with a wash doesn’t take makeup fully off.  These were an easy way to take off any makeup before putting a night cream on.

6.  Seriously Shine Free

Photo courtesy of

After I tried their Picture Perfect Moisturizer, I decided to try this one.  This one was oil free and acted as a perfect all day moisturizer to put on before my makeup.

7. P. M. Perfecter

Photo courtesy of sayjesstothedress.wordpress.com

This is a great way to help your skin stay looking perfect throughout the next day.  I used this one every other night to help with oiliness throughout the next day.

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