10 Things Every Fashionista Needs

Photo courtesy of fashionista.com

If you love fashion, you probably know the feeling that you never truly believe you’re living up to your full fashion potential; especially because clothes are expensive and paying your electric and grocery bill have to come first.  Here’s a list of everything you really need to be a Fashionista.

1. Everyday Bag

Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu

Everyone should have an everyday bag, it’s the one you hang by your door that can go with every outfit.  For an everyday bag, I would suggest going with a classic design or a neutral color.  If you can get both of those in one bag, you’ll  have the perfect bag – one that everyone will be envious of.

 2. Travel Sewing Kit 

Photo courtesy of sewmamasew.com

I never realized the power of this one until I moved into my apartment. I was unpacking and decided to wear a dress I’ve only worn maybe once, and the button was completely gone.  A travel kit is small and is perfect when you have little things in your wardrobe that you need to fix – like a missing button.   It’s perfect to leave in a drawer in your house, or in that everyday bag just in case something pops out when you’re out and about.

3. Black Blazer

Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu

When you’re applying for your sweet job after school or already working at your posh job that everyone stalks your social media about, (because it’s so cool you just can’t resist that time you got to meet Cara Delevingne) you will need a blazer.  My advice with this one is don’t go cheap to save a little money, get something that really fits you and you won’t have to end up replacing.

4. An iron 

Photo courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

Irons are honestly amazing, I bought this cute dress off SheIn and like most clothing you buy from online websites, it didn’t come in without some weird shipping line, but was easily fixed with an iron (about three minutes before my party started).  If you don’t own an iron you can also use a hair straightener to make your clothing look sharp.

5. The perfect closet 

Photo courtesy of babble.com

What I mean when I say this is not some gigantic closet you see on Pinterest and a reality show about the rich and famous.  What I mean is a closet that is organized and has pieces of clothing you actually wear and can put together. In my opinion, having a closet where things don’t fall down because you have them stacked on top of each other or when you actually know where your jean shirt is, are way better than any accumulate closet that you need a computer to tell you where everything is.

6. Statement Necklace

Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu

I really dislike statement necklaces because honestly, I think everyone is doing them wrong. You don’t need some chunky piece of  jewelry to make a statement.  I love wearing black, and black is a classic look, but it’s always good to add something that is eye catching to your outfit.  Adding a simple necklace, but has a gorgeous intricate design that you can wear with multiple outfits, is way better than anything that will probably become tacky three days after you buy it.

7. Full length mirror 

Photo courtesy of fashioneditorials.com

There isn’t a full length mirror in my apartment, and my five dollar one I got from Target was broken when I was moving out of my dorm. You can say it’s pretty much impossible to tell if my shoes go with my outfit, and lifting them up to my small mirror does not do the trick.  Full length mirrors are worth the investment, but you don’t have to get a fancy one. Yes, I would love one that had a silver vintage frame and looked like something a fashionable princess would have, but as long as you can see your whole outfit, it’s all you need.

8. Jeans you can wear to anything

Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu

It took me about 18 years to find these jeans, then American Eagle stopped making them when I went to get a second pair.  The “Perfect” jeans are ones that you can wear to the beach and also a moderately fancy party.  They end at the perfect spot, but you are still able to cuff them when you wear them with sneakers or sandals, but they can also be dressed up by heals, a cute top, and the right jewelry.

9. LBD 

I can not stress how important it is to have at least one little black dress in your closet.  You can wear it anywhere, today I’m wearing a black shift dress – which is fancy – but I dressed it down with a flannel and low heeled ankle boots. But, this dress would also look great if I wore a sequined blazer and some heels. When buying a LBD, go for something that is a little more on the simple side; if you get something that has unique lines, it’s hard to convert it to different styles.

10.  Trench Coat


This is one thing on my “Need List”, a trench coat is a classic and is also super warm for those cold winter days. With this, you need to get a deal on it because coats are always expensive; I mean look at how good all cold weather companies do.  Look out for the sales at the end of every season, the best thing is to go to the store – to make sure everything fits – then buy it online.  You can always find more coupons and promo codes online; also, when there’s an end of season sale, they’re usually looking to get rid of everything fast.

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