5 Best Hair Products For Your Hair Type

One of the most important things when it comes to having great hair is using products that are for your hair type.  Honestly, it’s hard to find what works and doesn’t work for your hair.

Kinky and Coily

Photo courtesy of curlsunderstood.com

1. Rosarco Oil

Photo courtesy of ezshopex.com

One of most important things with kinky hair is keeping it controlled, the best thing to do is find an oil that works with your hair without making it oily.  This is great for hair that was damaged by being relaxed or color treated.

Wavy and Curly

Photo courtesy of stylecaster.com

2. Blow dry/ heat protection

Photo by Cara Peterson

Any time you add heat to your hair it is damaging, my rule is whenever I add any type of heat to my hair I always use this.  Hair is not as strong as you think, especially if you’re like me and have color treated hair. Also, in the end my hair looks more put together when I use this.  The best part is it smells amazing, and not chemically.

Thin Hair

Photo courtesy of hairstylestars.com

3. ginseng + biotin volumizing conditioner

Photo courtesy of briogeohair.com

Whenever you can find an organic conditioner or shampoo with biotin in it – get it without hesitation.  When you have thin hair it is always important to worry about stimulating hair growth.

Dry and Damaged

Photo courtesy of hairrocks.com.au

4. Deep Conditioning Mask

Photo courtesy of beautyandmakeup.com

I love hair masks; and even though I love a good DIY one, I tried one last week and it completely destroyed my hair. Luckily, I had this mask to fix that mess.  It’s a great mask to apply before you go to bed and wash out in the morning.

5. gel-to-oil overnight repair treatment

Photo courtesy of sephora.com

This treatment is literally too amazing.  If your hair tends to get oily easily I’d use this overnight then wash it out in the morning.  My trick with this is apply it to the ends and the underneath of your hair and in the morning just shampoo your roots.

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