7 Outfits to Copy This Fall

Fall is one of my favorite seasons, but for some reason it is also the most basic season.  The reason is not the Pumpkin Spice obsession that everyone thinks it is.  The reason is everyone looks at back to school trends and buys their fall clothing in August therefore when the season arrives, everyone is pretty much wearing the same thing.  Here are some fall outfits that a few simple styling changes will help make your outfit not basic

1. Little Black Dress

Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu

Everyone thinks fall is about bundling up in sweaters, but actually it’s still pretty warm to wear your favorite dresses.  My favorite thing is wearing a simple black dress and dressing it up with simple statement necklaces.  Also, a great touch is some boots with a little sparkle.

Dress: Bloomingdales, Boots: Modcloth

2. Unique Tights

Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu

Everyone knows that one person that always has these amazing tights.  What I love about tights is how creative some styles can be, also most importantly how warm they can be.

Tights: Modcloth, Boots: Lord and Taylor

3. Ruffles

Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu

For some reason whenever I think about ruffles I always think of that episode in Seinfeld, where Jerry is wearing that pirate shirt.  I always thought ruffles were the most unflattering thing ever, until this season.  What I love on this shirt is the lines that is creates for your body.

Skirt: Gilt, Shirt:Wards

4. Plaid

Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu

Plaid is a fall staple, but over the past few years has become a “basic” item.  How to make plaid more fashionable is make it a little more edgy.  You can do this by wearing some black ankle boots and black jeans.

Coat: New York and Company, Shirt: H&M, Jeans: Lulus

5. Turtleneck Crop Tops

Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu

I love, love, love, turtle necks this season.  Another great point with this outfit is having crop tops continue into the next season.  In my opinion everyone should at least own one crop top because they always give you a little more confidence.

Top: H&M, Jacket: Garnet Hill

6.Graphic Tees

Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu

The graphic tee obsession is standing strong, and  I hope it’s not going anywhere anytime soon.  The newest trend in graphic tees is instead of having them printed they’re stitched into the pocket.

Tee: Miss Guided, Jeans: Emma Cloth

7. Leather Jacket

Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu

A leather jacket has been on my wishlist for as long as I can remember.  What I love about this outfit is how it styles the typical plaid skirt.  What is great about this outfit is it is a classic.

Jacket: Net-A-Porter, Skirt: Urban Outfitters, Boots: H&M

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