What to Wear This Friday Night According to Your Zodiac Sign

Over the past couple weeks I have binged watched Friends, and one of my favorite characters in Friends is Phoebe.  One of my favorite lines on the episode was “Do you think they will have yesterday’s post?”; Monica obviously confused asked why, and Phoebe responded with, “To see if my horoscope yesterday was true”. Who knows if horoscopes are real and if people can actually identify to one, but I think they’re pretty entertaining.


Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu

Aquarius are a little daring than most.  They like to try out new styles and challenge fashion trends.  Tonight you’re going to be wearing something that is going to turn heads.

Dress: Venus, Heels: Lulus


Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu

This Friday night you’re going to do something more on the artistic side, maybe you’re going to a concert or an art show, all I know is you’re going to be in the perfect original outfit.  Your outfit will be something unique, that will show off your personal style.

Dress:Revolve, Boots: ASOS, Vest: Forever 21, Bag:Last Call


Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu

You’re confident and are not afraid to make some crazy fashion choices to make a statement.  You’re a trend starter so there’s definitely no way that you are going to play it safe on a Friday night.

Overalls: Anthropology, Shirt H&M, hat ASOS,


Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu

You are the one who is always practical, this Friday you’re going to go to dinner and then to a local bar with your closest friends.  Your outfits are never not on point and show your classic style.

Tee: L.L. Bean, Skirt: Target


Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu

You never like to be in one place for a while, you’re going to wear an outfit that can be worn to a dinner or a night club.  You love trying new things and this weekend is no different, and your outfit will be easy convertible for whatever you end up doing.

Shirt: Shein, Skirt: Macys, Heels: Payless


Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu

You love staying in, there’s nothing better than a pint of Ben and Jerry’s and some Netflix.  Your outfit is going to be cozy and great for those perfect nights in with your friends.


Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu

As a Leo, you despise being ignored and you make your outfit so amazing that it is impossible not to talk to you.  You love bright colors that will catch people’s attention and shiny shoes that will pick up everyone’s eyesight.

Romper: H&M, Heels: Nasty Girl


Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu

As a Virgo, you are always outside enjoying the sun and when the sun goes down, you love to rock nature inspired pieces of clothing.  You love colors and are never wearing something without a pattern.

Dress: Revolve


Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu

You’re the brave and tough one of your friend group.  You love wearing the color black and making it look as badass as anyone has ever before.   You were the one who made space buns popular even before Miley Cyrus.

Boots: ASOS, Skirt: H&M, Bag: Fashionable, Tye dye: Poshmarket


Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu

You’re the one who always has a humorous comment to everything, as Friends fans would say – you’re the Chandler of the group.  Your style is one of my favorites, it’s a classic hipster as I like to call it.  What I mean by this is you mix classic items like this white shirt with this sweet floppy hat.

Shirt: White House Black Market, Sandals: Zappos, Hat: H&M, Shorts: J Crew


Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu

You tend to be a little more reserved about your fashion choices.  You’re the responsible person who is always there when people need you, and you love clothing that is great for every occasion.

Tee: L.L. Bean, Shoes:Shopbop , Dress: Express

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