Top 11 Halloween Costumes of 2016

Last year was prime for Halloween. It was on a Saturday which made for the perfect opportunity to celebrate halloween for three nights, but this year it’s on a Monday, which isn’t horrible, but not ideal.  Here are some cute costumes for whatever style you’re trying to go for.

Cute Costumes

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These costumes I found on Studio DIY Instagram and once I saw her feed, I followed immediately.  What I liked about most of the costumes was that they were easy to put together, because no one wants to spend a Saturday putting together a custom or spend a bunch of money.

1. Chill pill

Photo courtesy of Studio DIY

I love this one because it brings me back to middle school when people would use the phrase “take a chill pill”.  If I were wearing this costume it would be something I would wear the day of Halloween to work, because it’s a very classy and professional outfit, with also being a little halloweeny.  If your office dresses up for Halloween this is a great choice.

2. Burn book

Photo courtesy of Studio DIY

Mean girls is a very classic Halloween costume, what I like about this one the most is how comfortable it looks.  It’s perfect for a Halloween party because you can simply just match it with a pair of sneakers.


3. Milk and Cookies

Photo courtesy of Studio DIY

What I love about this one is I’ve never seen it before, and nothing is a better combo than milk and cookies.  It is also a pretty easy costume to achieve; the biggest struggle would be you’re bae having white jeans.

Funny Costumes

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4. Snapchat dog filter

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I wanted to use this as my heading because I guess everyone thinks that the dog filter is the worst, but I had no idea there was this giant problem with it.  You don’t just have to stick with the dog filter, you can choose your favorite.  They are actually a great last minute idea because they usually just require a certain way of doing your makeup and a prop or two.

5. A cactus

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I’ve wrote in a previous post about how much I’m loving the cactus trend.  The thing I love most about it is all the cute kinda sarcastic comments that you can put together when relating to a cactus.

6. Yeezy Season 2

Photo courtesy of Yeezy

For this costume all you have to do is wear some clothing items that are extremely ripped. This is how I’d do this outfit;

Step 1- Buy a nude bodysuit on Amazon.  Amazon is great for Halloween costume pieces that you can’t easily find in store or would be way more expensive in stores.

Step 2 – The next part of your outfit is a long coat.  For this, ask your dad or brothers to borrow a coat for the night. Just remember to give it back, and not leave it behind.

Step 3- Go to your local Goodwill and try to get some lace up boots.

Step 4- Get whatever clothing you have that is nude and put it on.  The best thing about this part is the more crazy and weird you layer your clothing, the better your costume will look.

Step 5  – Take your most “Ratchet” clothing and distress it even more.

Step 6 – When you’re walking around look emotionless.

Step 7 – Head to your local Marshals and put a giant price tag on your clothing.

Scary Costumes

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7. Stranger things

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Sadly I have not seen this, I’m waiting until Christmas break because I have no idea how scary it is and I need all the sleep I can get.  With this being a scary show it’s great to show some traditional Halloween spirit.

8. Harley Quinn from “Suicide Squad”

Photo courtesy of

This costume was popping up even before Halloween.  The two most important things about this costume is your makeup and your outfit.  For your makeup, I’d go on YouTube and weeks before Halloween start practicing.  For your outfit, before buying something cheap online, go to your local Goodwill and see if there’s anything there you could use.

Pop Culture

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9. Pokemon Go

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This was a giant obsession over the summer.  What I think would be a great idea for this is to make this a giant group costume with people dressed up as Pokemon and others dressed up as Pokemon catchers.

10. Beyonce Lemonade

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Beyonce made a lot of news this year for her song “Lemonade”, which I think was honestly a great marketing idea.  Beyonce and Jay Z are fine, but you can totally play out Beyonce’s alter ego this Halloween.

11. Donald Vs. Hillary

Photo courtesy of

This is just my thought, but this would be a hilarious couples costume.  With the election coming up and especially where I live, I’m going to be seeing a lot of Stumps and Bernies.

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