3 Easy Ways to add Vintage Items to Your House

When I moved into my apartment I learned how great it was to look for things that were vintage.  Not only are they normally less expensive, but also add character to your house.

1. Vintage, Brass, 3 1/2″ Mug with Fish handle

Photo courtesy of hindgevintagehardware.com

What I love about This mug is it reminds me of home.  The other great thing I’ve noticed about vintage items is they are normally made a lot better than anything new you’d get from Target (not that I don’t love target).

2. Vintage Knobs

Photo courtesy of hindgevintagehardware.com


Changing up the knobs on a classic burrow or cabinet is a way to add your own personal style to furniture.  The other great thing is it is a very simple and easy fit, which also does not cost a fortune or take up your whole Saturday.


3. Vintage Entryway

Photo courtesy of Hindgevintagehardware.com

This is one of the new home trends.  Having a little section near your front door that has a cute little bench with a coat rack.  With installing some cute hooks with the use of some screws, you have created a cute little entry way without having to spend a bunch of money.

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