9 Fashion Essentials for Fall 2016

I love fall. I love it mostly because of Thanksgiving, but also for all the activities like apple picking.  Before this starts out like every traditional fall article, this article is about the transition of fall.  All the traditional items you would normally wear in fall are not in this article: no flannels, scarves, or hunter boots.

1.The Sock Boot

Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu

Sock boots are a little like ankle boots, but they go up a little farther on your leg.  What I liked about this trend is you can wear it in the beginning of fall and towards the end.  Right now it is still pretty hot, and you can wear these shoes with a dress, while later in the season you can wear it with jeans.

Find it here; ASOS, Topshop, Spring

2. Long line bomber

Photo courtesy of Alibaba.com

I really don’t like winter coats; they’re big and never flattering, but this fall gets a cute jacket.  What I like about this is it took the traditional bomber style and just modified it a little making it a new trend.

Find it here; Soho girl, Forever 21, Nordstrom

3. Suede Dress

Photo courtesy of Closetfullofclothes.com

I’m totally digging that suede is a new trend, it makes me a little more righteous about spending money on a suede moto jacket last year.  A suede dress is perfect because it complements the fall colors.

Find it here; Bloomingdales, Nasty Gal, Express

4. Sheer tee

Photo courtesy of Pinterst.com

Let me just start out and say, wearing a sheer tee shirt that you can see your bra through, is not slutty at all.  This is a trend that is very controversial, and personally, it’s not something I would wear, but it is a good trend because it is unique.

Find it here; Nordstrom, ASOS, Wet Seal

5. Lace up heel

Photo courtesy of Fashiontagblog.com

At first when I saw these shoes I thought they were lace up sandals.  What I like about these is they are perfect for those early Fall days when it is still warm.

Find it here; Nordstrom Rack, Lulus, Nasty Gal

6. Ball and Chain Earring

Photo courtesy of pinterest.com

I love these for when you’re going out.  How I would do my hair if I were wearing these is slicked back and tucked behind your ears.

Find them here; Etsy, Macys, Moda Operandi

7. 90’s Cat Eye Shades

Photo courtesy of Glamradar.com

In my opinion, people are afraid to go against the norm and not wear Ray Ban.  Next time you’re at TJ Maxx, get some sunglasses that are not aviator and wear them the next time you go out.  After you’ve done this, make a comment in the section below and tell me if you got any compliments.

Find them here: TopShop, Nasty Gal, Modcloth

8. Flounce Skirt

Photo courtesy of pinterest.com

People this year have gone from maxi skirts to button up jean skirts and that’s where it ends until summer.  A flounce skirt is a midi skirt that is very flowy.  It’s great if you want to wear a cute pair of ankle boots.

Find it here; Macys, The Loft, Ann Taylor

9. Chunky Sweater

Photo courtesy of pinterest.com

Yes, this is perfect for those late fall days.  The best thing about a sweater is it looks like you are all dressed up, and you are, but you’re also extremely comfortable and warm.

Find it here; L.L. Bean, ASOS, Dolls Kill

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