7 Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Risky Business


For this costume all you need is an oversized pink or white dress shirt and a pair of long white socks.  If you have it at home, add a candle holder and do your best rendition of “Old Time Rock n Roll”

Dancer Emoji


One of the new classic costumes, all you need is a black body suit and matching heels.  The most important part of this costume is posing like the emoji when people ask who you are.

Wednesday Addams


For this, all you need is a high neck dress, a polo, and some tights.  It is super simple when you don’t have a lot of time to plan a costume.

Rosie the Riveter


The only thing you might not have for this costume is the bandana which you can easily get at Micheals for a few dollars.

Holly Golightly


For this one, all you need to do is make a quick stop to Walmart or Target.  For this costume you need a body con black dress, tiara, and some pearls (the more obnoxious the better).

Sandy from Grease


This outfit is so easy; I don’t know why I didn’t think of it years ago.  For this, all you need is a black off the shoulder shirt, leggings, and red shoes.



If you like art this is perfect.  You can wear anything you want, all you have to do is make a poster that looks like the Tinder app.

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