3 Motivational Pieces To Help You Achieve Your Dreams

It’s weird to think that 2016 is almost wrapping up.  One thing that I’ve always thought was weird about new year resolutions is you pretty much never get them done.  For the last little part of the year I wanted to make a set of goals.  One of my biggest goals is to start a YouTube along with my blog and social media.  It may sound corny, but putting some motivational items in your house and on things you use throughout the day are great motivators. Darling Savage Designs is a shop on Etsy which sells cute little pieces that have motivational sayings that are not at all typical.

You’re The Shit


One day I made my coffee and went to the library. I was sitting down at a table and someone across the table said “I love that”.  Being exhausted I at first had no idea what she was talking about.  Starting off the morning with a cup that says you’re amazing is perfect for any stressful day.

Shit to Do

Photo courtesy of Savage Designs

In my life, nothing gets done unless it is written down. People say that using technology to do your to do lists is the best, but if you write out a list and put it on a place where you’re going to look at multiple times a day, shit does get done.

Goals to Crush

Photo courtesy of Savage Designs

In my opinion, everyone should have at least one goal they are currently working on. Even if it is doing your laundry or getting your PHD.  It’s good to write down your goal, why you’re passionate about it, and how you’re going to get it done.

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