3 Products to Help Sooth Your Skin

I’ve pretty much tried everything for my skin. Face washes and antibiotics do not seem to solve any of my skin problems.  I recently I came across the Company SOCleanSoFresh. With having great products they are also very affordable, which as a college student is very important.

1. Acne wipes


One of my favorite part of these were how easy it was to clean your face.  What I like about using wipes is they do a better job of removing makeup and any other particles from your face.

2. Great Grapefruit Blotting Sheet


If you have oily skin and your makeup gets a little messed up throughout the day these are perfect for you.  They come in a package that is perfectly sized to fit in a mall compartment of your backpack or purse to keep the oil down throughout the day.

3. Groovy Green Tea wash off mask


This mask is perfect for any girls night.  Not only does it give you the perfect opportunity for that classic anlien selfie with your friends, it also is great for your skin.

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