15 Questions Fashion Tag!

I’ve been told I’m full of secrets and surprises.  Which I always thought was a good thing, you can never tell what to expect from me.  This is for all the people who want to know a little bit more about me.

1) What is your favorite style to wear? 

Photo courtesy of penccil.com

Classic, I’ve never been into very “girly” clothing, even though I do love occasionally dressing up in heels and a skirt. I’m most myself in a pair of high waisted shorts and a cute blouse.

2) Who is your fashion role model? 

Photo courtesy of fashionandstylepolice.com

One of my biggest fashion role models is Kerry Washington, I’ve never seen her on a red carpet or in her daily life looking anything less than perfect.

3) What do you always have on?   

Photo courtesy of cranberryjewelers.net

One thing I always have on is my Cape Cod bracelet. I got it when I was in second grade for Christmas and it only has left my wrist for sports games; also, it’s a little of a pain to take off.  If you’re ever looking for the best Cape Cod bracelets stop by The Unique Boutique.

 4) What are your favorite jeans? 

Photo courtesy of styleontarget.com

My favorite jeans are a skinny jean from American Eagle.  I don’t know what it is about these jeans, but they are magic.  Jeans literally never fit me, I swear I must have the weirdest fit, but in these jeans I’m flawless.

5. Do you own something you’ve never worn? 

Photo courtesy of 2teecouture.com

Sadly, this is the worst part of my fashion addiction.  I have a closet full of things, that I’ve mostly only worn once or things I wear multiple times a week.

6. Most comfortable article of clothing I own is my? 

Photo courtesy of dirtysouthvintage.com

If you’re ever looking for the best gift to get anyone for Christmas, get them a mystery flannel or mystery sweater on Etsy.  They are possibly the most comfortable piece of clothing I’ve ever worn and my life would not be the same without them.

7) Who influenced you to write about fashion? 

Photo courtesy of betches.com

What influenced me to write about fashion was how it, in recent years, has had a negative influence.  I’ve always loved fashion and never wanted to see it as a negative.  I created dontbecommonfashion.com as a way for people to share their love of fashion without any judgment.

8) What is your fave store?  

Photo courtesy of wordpress.com

The ones I can afford or the ones I watch for sales like a pro? The stores I love, but can’t afford yet are, Free People, Anthropologie, Alice and Olivia and Nordstrom.  The store that is my favorite would be American Eagle.  They always have the cutest clothing, and the prices are the best for a college student.

9) Who is your fave fashion inspiration on Instagram?

Photo courtesy of blog.lulus.com

Lulu*s has one of the best fashion Instagrams on Insta in my opinion.  Not only do they have great fashion inspiration, but they have the perfect memes.

10. If I could I would wear (blank) everyday?

Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu

If I could wear a shift dress every day, I would be perfectly content.  The reason being is that style of dress is perfect for anything.  You can put a blazer of it and then head out to a party after.  Just replace the blazer with a cute necklace.

11) Which character’s closet would you raid?

Mindy’s from the Mindy Project / would love to live in her apartment (that sounded a little creepy, but her apartment is NYC goals)

Photo courtesy of usmagazine.com

Rachel Bilson Zoe Hart from Hart of Dixie

Photo courtesy of secretsofagoodgirl.com

Paige Lawson from Royal Pains

Photo courtesy of pinterest.com  

Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope in Scandal

Photo courtesy of tumblr.com

 12) If you had $ 5,000 to spend on any one item, what would it be?

Photo courtesy of weheartit.com

In a heartbeat, I would buy the best camera possible.  One of the things that makes a blog stand out is the photos on it. That is the one thing I desperately want for my blog is to have all original photos, but an iPhone does not cut it.

13) Heels or flats?  

Photo courtesy of theodysseyonline.com


14) What purse do you currently use?  

Photo courtesy of likes.com

Crossbody bag designed by Jessica Simpson

15) Is fashion in your blood or your jeans?

Photo courtesy of www.aliexpress.com

Fashion is definitely in my blood. When my mother was my age, she was designing and sewing all her clothing.  Whenever I have a question about a dress to wear for an event or even if I’m just going to a dinner with my friends, I always ask her opinion.

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