Why You Should Know About Shit That I Knit

I first found about about Shit That I Knit last winter.  Besides the hats, the first thing I loved about the company was how hilarious and unique it was.  Everything to the description of the hats is perfectly created.


Shit That I think is a knitwear company that is based out of Boston.  The founder of the company is Christina who learned to knit when she was 10 years old in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia.  Now she has a team of over thirty knitters.  The best thing about these hats is how well they’re made.  They are all made with the highest quality and are knit with hand-dyed Peruvian merino wool, cashmere, or alpaca.  These are pieces that are classic and you will have forever.


Another wonderful thing about this company is with every purchase they give a Give-a-Sh*t Knit Kit to a young adult undergoing cancer treatment.  Knitting has many meditative qualities.  It’s repetitive motions, counting, concentrated silence has been proven to reduce blood pressure and cortisol levels, which lower anxiety and stress.  Unlike meditation, which also lowers these levels, knitting provides a product that gives a sense of accomplishment, pride, focus, and worth.



What I love about this hat is the unique stitching.  It has this amazing fan stitch detail which makes this hat unique. Most hats have a pom-pom that is made from real fur.  The reason they use real fur is their products are made to last.



I love these and until last year I had no idea they were even a thing, and I never went to class without wearing them.  They are a mix between a neck warmer and a scarf.  What I love about them is how warm they are and how easy it is to make them look cute.



This is one of the company’s most popular products.  These headbands are perfect for keeping your ears warm on the chilly days.  What I love about these is they are so versatile you can wear them with pretty much anything.

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