13 TV Characters I’d Date in a Heartbeat

Photo courtesy of denofgeek.com

In my opinion, most people watch TV shows for the relationships, love, and heartbreak. We always pick a team of who we are rooting for, and when they break up, we feel it just a little bit. Mindy’s hectic and extremely interesting dating life prompted me to write this because, honestly, that character has the hottest dating life.

1. Sean Spencer from Psych 

Photo courtesy of wikia.com

 I have to start with my number one love since I started watching in high school. Sean has everything going on even though he’s suppose to not have his life together. He’s full of comic relief and is also super adorable.

 2. Cliff from the Mindy Project 

Photo courtesy of sitcomsonline.com

Mindy, how could you have cheated on Clif? Especially with Danny? Girl, you lost a great guy. Not only does he have a great job and is so nice, he also has that classic look that ages gracefully like George Clooney.

 3. Gunner from Nashville 

Photo courtesy of wetpaint.com

If I had a Gunner in my life, I’d be perfectly set. He’s the perfect reformed bad boy, the best James Dean. Also, he’s pretty damn cute, if I do say so myself, and little drama on possibly the most dramatic show ever.

4. Marshall Eriksen from How I Met Your Mother 

Photo courtesy of wikia.com

Let’s be honest, there are no guys like Marshall in college. Today, in college, a romantic date is watching a movie on Netflix, and not remembering the ending. College boys should be taking notes from this guy.

5. Toby Cavanaugh from Pretty Little Liars 

Photo courtesy of youngentertainmentmag.com

I haven’t seen Pretty Little Liars since they were still in high school. Toby and Spencer had the relationship dubbed the most “couple goals” worthy. Not only is he a total bad ass and rides a sexy motorcycle, he is also super sweet.

6. Chuck Bass from Gossip Girl 

Photo courtesy of www.pinterest.com

Chuck Bass is the total bad boy turned hopeless romantic. Throughout Gossip Girl, there were ridiculous story lines, with endless drama, but Blair and Chuck’s relationship was one of the most romantic TV relationships I have witnessed.

7. Seth Cohen from The O.C. 

Photo courtesy of buzznet.com

If a guy ever created a romantic scene from a movie, especially a superhero movie, I’d marry that boy in a second. Seth was a total babe who wasn’t afraid to make a fool of himself for someone he loved. Which with all the BS we have to deal with from guys today, something like this is refreshing.

8. Mike Hannigan from Friends 

Photo courtesy of ceoworld.biz

I have to say he may have made this because I have a little thing for Paul Rudd, but any how, Mike Hannigan was a pretty adorable bae.

9. Liam Court from 90210 

Photo courtesy of weheartit.com

One of the best things about this show was the guys.  Out of all of them, Liam was my favorite even with the hard exterior, he always showed the person he loved he cared.  The best part of him was he never gave up on the person he loved.

10. Alex Karev from Grey’s Anatomy 

Photo courtesy of bustle.com

Everyone who watches Grey’s is obsessed with Mcsteamy & Mcdreamy, but no one gives Alex the attention he deserves (like he helped orphans be able to walk again).  If a guy had that as his Tinder bio, you’d have to swipe right. Also, he is pretty dreamy…sorry Derek.

11. Dr. Sheldon Cooper from the Big Bang Theory 

Photo courtesy of wsj.com

Ok, ok don’t be surprised, Sheldon would never make this list if it was written on Cosmo or Seventeen, because well, we are not common here.  In my opinion, I think Sheldon is probably the most unique guy you could ever date, and also has the best comic book selection out of all the other guys.

12.  Dylan McKay from Beverly Hills 90210

Photo courtesy of pinterest.com

Let me just say, if you’ve never seen this show, you should at least watch an episode just to see Dylan McKay.  Ironically, I believe Liam Court was the Dylan McKay of the remake of 90210.  His character was based on James Dean’s character in Rebel Without a Cause.

13. Hyde from That ‘70s Show 

Photo courtesy of youtube.com

It still makes me sad that Jackie and Hyde didn’t end up together and he ended up marrying a stipper on the first night he met her.  Hyde is one of those secret romantic guys who likes to play it cool, but deep down you know if he lost you, he’d be crushed. Nothing is more powerful than someone saying they’d be in pain if you left them.

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