Eleven 90s Trends Making a Comeback

I may be a little biased, but in my opinion the best time to grow up was the ‘90s before kids had tablets and cell phones – when kids were actually kids.  The ‘90s were also popular for their fashion trends (some of those trends I never thought would come back), but scrunchies are now more fashionable than ever before.

1. Choker

Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu

I remember one day I was in kindergarden and this girl was wearing a choker and I could not see it as fashionable because I thought it was a little dark.  Today I think completely differently; chokers are being seen on the most fashionable celebrities.

2. Sexy Tousled Hair


Photo courtesy of chatelaine.com

For someone who loves to take naps before work, this trend may be my favorite.  No need for your hair to look perfect and sleek. Relax a little and let the sexy bed head be.

3. Doc Martins

Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu

Doc Martins became popular a few years ago for the hipsters, but now there are becoming more mainstream and it seems like just about everyone is wearing Doc Martins.

4. Leather Biker Jacket

Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu

A very iconic signature ‘90s sitcom piece that every bad boy had.  No longer are those dark jackets just for the boys, they’re being worn by Cara Delevingne and several other high fashion influencers.

5. Floral Skater Dress

Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu

Skater dresses have always been in style, but the classic dress with a floral print is filling up the summer style trends.  It’s perfect to match your dress with a cute pair of sneakers.

6. Jelly Sandals 

Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu

I never thought these would come back and when I saw them on a Kardashian I thought they would still stay in the ‘90s, but the more I saw of them and how they are styled the more I came around.

7. Platforms 

Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu

What I love about these is they are a way to add height in a casual way.  What I mean is when someone wants to look a little taller sometimes you can’t always wear heels, but platforms are an easy way to add some inches.

8. Scrunchies 

Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu

I’m a little happy about this trend, not only because they add another way for someone to add color to their outfit, but they are also healthier for your hair.  The skinny elastics are harmful because some have wires and the elastic and rip your hair.  Scrunchies have a thicker fabric that protect your hair.

9. Flannel 

Photo courtesy of lookbook.nu

My favorite piece of clothing to wear year round.  Depending on how you style it, you can wear a flannel with pretty much anything.

10. Pink Streaks

Photo courtesy of brit.co

What the ‘90s didn’t have, but we have today, is the ability to achieve this trend without having to become fully committed.  There’s dye, hair chalk, hair color spray, and Brittlettes, all that allow you to choose how devoted you want to be to the pink.

11. Crop Tops


This is my rules about crop tops: when you’re young, wear them as much as you can because before you know it you’ll be working 9-5 and have to be a real adult.

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