My Guide For Writing Open When Letters

For those of you who don’t know “ Open When”, they are a group of letters you can send to someone with instructions on when to open them.  You can send them to pretty much anyone: to your best friend who’s away at a different school or someone you’re in a long distant relationship with or your roommate, they’re letters to show people in your life how much you care about them. For this article I’m writing about someone who deployed over seas because several of my friends are in the Military and writing these letter are a great way to lift their spirits while they’re away.

Open when you get these…. You’re my Favorite Marine


Every open when you get these is what every card starts out with.  What you write in them is pretty open to you.  People overseas love to know what you’ve been up to or you could write about a funny experience you both had together.

Open when it’s your birthday… Happy Birthday to my Main Squeeze


I sent these letters as a birthday present so obviously I had to include a birthday card.  What I included in this one was if they were here what we would be doing to celebrate their birthday.  You could also include a sweet memory you had on a previous birthday they had.  In these letters people also include little things inside the letter.  For this one you could put confetti or another sweet thing is you blow up a balloon, write a personal message on it, then deflate (insert Tom Brady joke) it, then put it in the envelope for them to blow up.

When when it’s New Years…I Whaley Love you.


For this one I wrote it about the date we met.  For this one instead of choosing an anniversary, choose a date that’s important, but can also be a funny story.  If I was writing these for one of my friends, I’d choose the first time we realized we are the same person, or a time you couldn’t stop laughing. I’d choose the first time we realized we are the same person, or a time you couldn’t stop laughing.

Open when you feel naughty…You’re My Favorite Weirdo


For this one make it something that is going to make them smile.  For mine, I wrote a “dirty” letter, which funny story one of my guy friends read aloud at a bar, and I don’t think my face has ever been that red.  But if you’re writing it to your best friend write in an embarrassing story and title the card open when you need a laugh.

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