5 Things to Help Organize Your First Apartment

A few years ago I got a magazine rack from Signed and Numbered, but never got to use it until this year when I moved into my apartment.  Now, it’s something I use everyday therefore I decided to get a few more items from their shop to help organize my apartment.  My favorite part of their items is you can get them in a range of colors.

1. Entryway Mirror

Photo by Cara Peterson

One thing pretty much every college apartment doesn’t have is enough closet place.  What I love about this was it’s perfect for just hanging up the little things I take with me every day.  Like my jacket and bag. The best part of this is there is a little mirror where you can quickly check before you leave if any mascara smudged.

2. Boot Tray

Photo courtesy of Singed and Numbered

Going to school in Vermont, you have no idea how much a necessity this is.  The best part of this is it doesn’t look cheap like most of the common plastic boot trays. It’s perfect to put your winter boots on when you come home and then quickly slip into your slippers.

3. Wooden Desktop Box

Photo courtesy of Signed and Numbered

My favorite part about this is there is a monogram option.  My desk is always a mess that spills over to my table, and then I can’t find a pen or my stamps.  It’s great to place your necessities that can’t go missing.

4. Handmade Bathroom Storage Tower

Photo courtesy of Signed and Numbered

People away say the kitchen is impossible to keep clean, but in my opinion my bathroom is always a scattered mess.  Beauty products are so small that they multiply like crazy, and I don’t even use that many products.  This is great to keep between your toilet and your sink.  I would put some of your most used products in a closed small basket in one of the shelves.

5. Handmade Reclaimed Wood Succulent Planter Box

Photo courtesy of Signed and Numbered

My apartment has this weird shelf that looks out into my hallway, and I had no idea what to do it without it looking awkward.  These platters are great for adding some design into an awkwardly small shelf.

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