4 Hilarious Mugs You Need For Your Work

Graphic tees are becoming more and more popular and with that also are other parts of your day.  Every day you start off your morning with a cup of coffee, but why not start with a mug that is funny, and maybe a little inappropriate.  Mugable is a company that prints mugs and also does custom printing on other things.

1. It’s Handled


If anyone has ever seen Scandal they will want this mug in their cabinet.  It shows that your powerful even before your morning coffee.

2. I Run Entirely On Caffeine Sarcasm and Inappropriate Thoughtsil_570xN.1020503389_8b2y.jpg


This mug is so me to a T and I love it.  Sometimes we are not perfect and honestly it’s great to have a little dark humor.


3. Man Tears


I love this one, especially being in college, not all of them, but at least the ones I’ve encountered have been worthy of this mug.


4. Coffee… This is totally wine


Been there done that; my classic is a mason jar, because what college student has wine glasses.

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