How to Dress Like Your Favorite Starbucks Drink

Sadly, Starbucks is a little out of my price range, but maybe the fact that I can match my drink with my shoes might make me a regular. Too bad for my paycheck.

Pumpkin Spice Latte

Even though pumpkin spice has become kind of a cliché, I still can’t go through fall without having one.
DBC Tip* If you’re looking for a great way to get pumpkin spice coffee, everyday, you have to check out the latte mix at Trader Joe’s. It’s life changing.  
You and your drink gotta match right?  Pumpkin spice would wear a rich orange dress, with a dark green or brown jacket representing your stem.
Dress:Top Shop

Iced Coffee

Even though it is starting to get colder, I don’t think that means that iced coffee season has to end.  For you ice coffee lovers try cold brew coffee. 
Even though you like to come off like a bad ass drinking your iced coffee, we all know that the second you leave the counter you add all that sugar and cream.
Tunic: Revolve
Jeans:Top Shop

Green Tea Frappuccino

One of my personal favorites at Starbucks and not just because it contains a lot of whipped cream. This drink is absolutely amazing, you wouldn’t think green tea and white chocolate would be a good combo before drinking this.
Even though you like the earthy taste of the green tea, you still love the coziness of the white chocolate add in. For your outfit you will express the green tea with colorful assets, but you can’t be complete without a cozy sweater.
Jacket: Anthropologie
Sweater: AE

Passion Fruit Lemonade

Whether it is the middle of the summer, or the middle of January, you can’t seem to go a week without having this colorful Starbucks drink.
Much like your drink, you will also be sporting bright colors. Much like your drink, your outfit features different shades of the same color.
Jacket: H & M
Skirt: Nordstrom

Iced Green Tea

You are like the green tea frappuccino drinkers, but a little more earthy. You like to attend all your yoga classes, not just signup and get the cute clothing. (No judgment, that’s totally me).
Like your drink you like to stay light and easy.  You are wearing a nice flower shirt with natural flowers.  Your green scandals match the stems of the flowers on your shirt.

Peppermint Mocha

Even though it is still not yet your season, this drink is coming sooner than you think.  Sooner rather than later it will be red cup day at starbucks.
Like your drink, you want to express your red color without using a powerful shade. Instead, you choose a rich shade and match it with a dark pair of tights.

Chai Tea Latte

Your day isn’t complete without a little Netflix marathon, curled up in a blanket, with your chai tea by your side. Sounds like a perfect life to me.
You like to be cozy and relaxed. Your outfit is going to be comfy, but also very chic. Yes, you may thought the combination was nearly impossible, but it is not. Just match your comfy sweaters with stylish accessories.
Sweater: Back Country

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