5 Stores That Make You A Better Person

Most of the clothing we wear is typically from another country, made by people that are making less than a dollar an hour. This does not provide them with enough money to feed their families or to live above poverty. Here are some companies where their clothing is socially beneficial and has no sad story behind it, only happy beginnings.

1. Mata Traders 

Photo courtesy of matatraders.com

Mata Traders started with three best friends, who during a wanderlust found themselves in India, surrounded by markets, locals, and breathtaking textiles. Mata Traders is driven to be different, create a fair trade brand that is passionate about ending global poverty. Their designs are made by artisans in Nepal and India.

Photo courtesy of greenamerica.org

2. Everlane 

Photo courtesy of twitter.com

Everlane is constantly challenging that status quo.  Everlane may be the only fashion company that reveals their true costs and then shows the markup.  They spend months finding the best factories around the world and build relationship with the owners.  This is the best way to ensure the factories integrity.

Photo courtesy of inmylittlemind.com


3. Elegantees 

Photo courtesy of twitter.com

Elegantees was created by Katie Martinez, who after working for a fashion company in New York City moved to Iowa in the pursuit to start her own business with a socially responsible background.  When she was studying at the Fashion Institute of Technology, her heart broke when she learned that girls were being abducted and sold into prostitution.  With her company she is trying to make a difference, and all the profits from Elegantees benefits a non-profit fighting sex trafficking.

Photo courtesy of manysparrows.me


4. Oliberte

Photo courtesy of jackthreads.com

Oliberte is a sustainable brand that is supporting workers right is sub-Saharan Africa.  This company makes premium quality products and also offers a lifetime warranty.  Oliberte is passionate about workers rights, everywhere in the world.  In September of 2013, they became the world’s first fair trade certified footwear company.

Photo courtesy of planetshoes.com


5. Krochet Kids

Photo courtesy of twitter.com

Krochet Kids was formed by three high school buddies, who wanted to empower people to rise above poverty.  During college, after hours of working, they were sitting in a simple brick hut in Uganda.  They were accompanied by women and bags of yarn, and watched the women master it right in front of their eyes.

Photo courtesy of krochetkids.org

The reason I decided to write this is because fashion, in my opinion, is one of the most inspiring things in this world.  It’s wearable art, but there’s a fault in the fashion world.  Top designers are having their clothing produced in countries where there are unfair wages and working conditions.  Someday, when I graduate college, I would love to work in a world where fashion is socially responsible.  Instead of buying that designer bag that is hundreds of dollars, just think about who you’re supporting.

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