9 Reasons Why Instagram is Taking Over Your Life as Told By Kim Kardashian

Gif courtesy of yahoo.com
 It seem like having social media accounts are becoming more of a hassle than a way to express yourself, especially Instagram, in my opinion.  In the past couple weeks, most of the conversations I have had with some of my friends were about Instagram, which I find a little crazy.  
1. Spending more time picking the caption then taking the photo
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I personally love coming up with a creative caption for a photo, but some people take it to the extreme.  They make a list of captions to put on future posts, or keep changing the caption after the photo is posted.  Honestly, no one reads the caption anyways.  People just scroll through and double tap without reading. Next time, say something crazy and see if anyone even notices.
2. You notice when people unfollow you
Gif courtesy of giphy.com
I honestly do not know how people know when someone unfollows them, but this trivial thing is actually destroying friendships.  It’s the ultimate stab in the back today; it makes the news when celebrities unfollow people and comes up in conversations between people my age.  

3. Having to take multiple pictures that are pretty much all the same

Gif courtesy of xonecole.com
I really dislike getting my photo taken and don’t ever understand why it’s necessary to take a bunch of photos with the same backdrop and the person is standing in the same position.  Instagram has a great editing system, so there is really no need to take any more than one picture.  
4. Posting a picture at the wrong “Instagram time.” 
Gif Courtesy of sutbeat.com
I will tell you that the best time to post a photo is Wednesday at 5pm, but that’s only if you’re using Instagram as a marketing technique.  If you’re just looking for likes from your friends, it honestly does not matter.  Everyone scrolls through their feed, therefore all of your followers are going to see your photo.  That means it doesn’t matter what time you post it.  
5. Double-guessing your posts because it may not fit your overall “aesthetic.”
Gif Courtesy of collegecandy.com
Instagram is not your photo exhibit at a art gallery in New York City, you do not have to have a “theme” and not every photo you take has to be perfect.  For example, I love Lauren Conrad, don’t get me wrong, but her whole Instagram is the same idea, with the same filter, and it’s not that interesting. Being different never hurt anyone.
6. Not enjoying whatever we are photographing
Gif Courtesy of sugarscape.com
I have already told my whole family, that if they ever come over my house for future family gatherings, phones are going in a box and can be given back when the night is over.  I feel that Instagram has made us not enjoy what we are actually doing because we are so worried about getting the “perfect” picture.
7. Not hitting your “like” goal
Photo courtesy of cosmopolitan.com
Does it really matter if you only get 43 likes on a photo and not 44, no, it does not change your life at all. This brings be to another point, when people post the same photo because it doesn’t get enough likes.  Don’t worry because if you like the photo what does it matter what other people think?
8. Not posting a photo because you have to “Schedule” your posts
Gif Courtesy of kicksonfire.com
 Instagram, in my opinion, began as a way for people to post their photos, because for the first time everyone has a camera at their fingertips with an iPhone, but then it turned into pleasing your followers.  Why do we care about what people from high school think of us?
9.  Feeling extreme envy while going through your feed
Gif Courtesy of buzzfeed.com
Let me tell you the truth, no one is as cool as their Instagram feed.  Chances are, the person took a hundred photos to get that perfect one, edited it to make it look even more envious, and then took about 15 minutes to come up with a perfectly witty caption.  

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