Top 5 Jewelry Stores on Cape Cod

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Jewelry is something I’m extremely picky about. Two things I believe about jewelry is everything is better made by an artist and you should never buy something for someone special at a chain store. A one of a kind piece is a more meaningful gift and the pieces are usually made to a higher quality.  Here’s a list of my favorite places on the Cape.

1. The Unique Boutique

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This is where I get all my Cape Cod jewelry.  Not only do they have the best quality, but they also have one of the best selections of Cape Cod jewelry.

2. Falmouth Jewelry Shop

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This shop has some of the most interesting authentic jewelry in Falmouth.  I love the pieces that are something you could only find on Cape Cod.  For example, they have jewelry made out of quahog shells, and it has beautiful craftsmanship.

3. Cranberry Jewelers

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I’ve lived on the Cape for 20 years and have never heard of Cranberry Jewelry until I went into this shop.  Not only do they have a great selection of one of kind jewelry, it is also all hand crafted.

4. Forest Beach Designer Goldsmiths

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When it comes to jewelry, I can’t do basic. I love having something on that not everyone has and the best is something no one could even imagine.  If you’re looking for jewelry that people will be wishing they had, this is the place.  My favorite is their wedding bands, they are unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, and they are perfect.

5. Ross Coppelman Goldsmith

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Ross Coppelman makes some of the most unique gold jewelry I have ever seen.  It ranges from sleek modern pieces to rough pieces that look vintage.

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