My Top 5 Tips to Survive Dating in Your 20s

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As requested, I’ve decided on writing this because okay, maybe not every article online about dating is unrealistic, but I rarely ever read one that doesn’t leave me a little bitter by the end. Also, according to my finds I actually have good insight on the subject (which I don’t understand at all for my dating history), but let’s just go with that.

1. Good guys don’t feel the need to announce they’re good 

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If you’re talking to a guy and he brings up the fact that he’s a “good guy”, it’s sadly not a good sign. They’re trying to build a level of trust that they will eventually take away. A guy who is actually good, doesn’t need to proclaim that he is a good person.

2. Disappear 

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I claim that I never play games, which for the most part is true.  If you like a guy, but you’re unsure if he feels the same, don’t text, Snapchat, or even like an Instagram photo.  If he likes you, he will text you and if he doesn’t, well you just dodged a fuckboi.

 3. Don’t ever dumb yourself down 

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When you have a crush on someone (I feel like I just went back to middle school saying that), you tend to go a little (or a lot) out of the way to make yourself look more cute or adorable.  The thing is you don’t have to do that by making stupid mistakes or my least favorite: acting like a child.  The right guy, someone who is actually worth your time, will want to appreciate your intelligence.

4. Don’t force anything 

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This is kind of a horrible situation – when you like someone and it seems as though you’d have a lot in common, but it is the constant struggle to keep up a conversation.  My friend just gave me great advice on this: when this happens let the romance go for a while and simply talk to them like they’re a friend.  Nerves are a very powerful thing and you could possibly have nothing in common with this person or you could just be too nervous to make a good conversation.

5. Don’t date someone you wouldn’t want your friends to date 

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This is actually a really good test to put a guy through.  You care about your friends more than anything because they’re always there when you fall, right?  You wouldn’t want any guy to be unfair to your friends, so why are you putting up with it? Curve him and move on.

The dating game is changing because of technology and society.  In some cases it’s good, you no longer have to rely on the mail for long distant relationships, but in other cases, it also makes it very easy to be shady.  Ever wonder what the original purpose of the Snapchat chat was?  In this new society of dating, we need to be cautious and protect ourselves, but also don’t let bad fuckboi experiences keep you from an actual good guy.

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