20 things you have to know by 20

It’s sad to say I will not be a teenager anymore.  It may sound too much, but things change in your 20’s.  You graduate college, move out of what feels comfortable to you, and start a career. I wanted to make a list of things that I think everyone should know before they take those steps in their life.

1. The Little things Make your day  

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If you’re waiting for some giant gesture or some message from fate to brighten your day, chances are it won’t happen.  Look for the little bits of happiness and kindness in your day.

2. How to make breakfast 

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Possibly the most important skill, well because it is the most important meal they say.  Knowing how to make a kick ass breakfast is important because soon you can not just walk down to the dining hall and get pancakes.  Also, making someone breakfast in bed is too cute.

3. How to Argue Kindly  

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People our age do not know how to have debates and kindly share their opinion, honestly I think there needs to be a college course on this.  People were brought up differently and have been through different experiences and chances are, your opinion is not correct because it’s hard to know all aspects on hot topics.  Unless you wrote a book on the subject, respect others opinions.

4. How to carry a conversation with Someone of Any Age

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When you’re 20, you’re not considered a kid anymore.  When you go to family gatherings you’re expected to have knowledgeable conversations; you can’t just stick to what’s trending on Twitter anymore.  Also, you’re expected to know what to say to your little baby cousins.  By 20, you should be able to talk to your grandfather about life and also your little cousin about Spongebob.

5. Turn your phone off for a day

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When you walk into a college classroom before class starts everyone is on their phone.  If we only put down our phones and had conversations with people, there would probably be no need for Tinder to be an app.  Be able to live without your phone because you don’t want to be that couple in five years on your phones while at a $200 dinner.

6. Be Alone

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When you move on from college, chances are you’re going be be far away from anyone you know.  You need to be able to be happy by yourself, and also be able to entertain yourself.  If you’re constantly dependent on others, you’ll never find yourself.

7. Have a Bae that is not a significant other 

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You need a homegirl or a homeboy.  Someone that will take your calls at 3am and you don’t feel bad because you took theirs the night before.  Friends don’t stay friends forever, but there’s always that person that you just can’t live without there 3am calls.

8. Don’t waste time being shy 

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Being shy never got anyone anywhere.  Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and make your voice known.  Especially taking small steps like speaking up in class.

9. Sleep well  

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You need your sleep; without sleep you won’t be at your best.  Learn when it’s time to call it a night because not being good to your body is a horrible thing.

10. Fall in love whenever you can 

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I got this from a movie I recently watched and just kinda loved it. Love happens when you least expect it and I think people our age kinda hide from love, and avoid it at all costs. But I’d rather take a chance and get hurt then not take it at all, because love is never a waste of time.

11. Getting angry is pointless 

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When you think about it, you’re eventually going to get over it. If it’s something that when you think about it, it doesn’t matter then forget about it. If it does matter, relax think it though and come up with a plan.

12. Cry with no shame 

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Crying is actually good for you, it’s the easiest way to get over things. There seems to be a stigma that crying somehow makes you weak, but it’s healthy and never feel bad about it.

13. Dieting is stupid 

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I just recently did the Skinny Mint tea, and yes it did make me lose a little of weight, but it also made my body feel horrible.  My stomach was never in so much pain.  Instead of dieting, try to add more colors to your plate and take a walk during your lunch break.

14. Don’t dwell on your mistakes, learn from them 

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We are human and that means we all make mistakes and that is perfectly okay.  We break things and those things fall apart, but don’t dwell on them for long or at all.

15. Love and Take Care of your body 

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It breaks my heart, but your body is never going to look as good as it does at 20.  Take care of yourself, don’t poison your body with things that are going to hurt you in the future.

16. Love your family more than anything 

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When sh*t hits the fan, these people are going to be there when you need them.  Don’t push them away, tell them how much you respect everything they do for you and don’t disrespect them in any way.

17. Learn how to dress like an adult 

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In case leggings are not pants.  Learn what business casual is and know how to pull it together at a moment’s notice.

18. Learn how to save money 

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This one I really need to know how to do a better job at.  Learn what is important to buy, and know that because you have 10 pairs of boots, you probably do not need that 11th pair.

19. Trust your gut 

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You know yourself better than anyone else does. If a friendship, situation, or life choice doesn’t seem like a good one – drop it.  You don’t give yourself enough credit.  And trust me that party that is a mile walk and starts at 3am is not worth it.

20. Eat cake, whenever you can 

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Enjoy your life because at this point your only responsibility is yourself and your potential future.  Take chances, apply for sweet internships you probably will never get (sadly did not get the Facebook internship in Germany) and make new friends.

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