Your Guide to Downtown Winooski

When UVM students think about shopping and eating they immediately go to Church Street and its off streets.  I love good food and shopping, but I’m not about spending a lot of money for food and waiting hours for a table.  Next time you’re in the Burlington area, try downtown Winooski instead because they have great restaurants and shops.

Aartistic Inc.

Aartistic Ink.jpg

Aartistic Inc. is a body piercing and tattoo parlor.  They have great artists and are constantly sharing their work on social media, check them out!

Birdfolk Collective


One of my favorite shops in Winooski. How I would describe this store is it is like walking into an Etsy shop, if those existed.  Some of my favorite items are their cards, jewelry, and printed clothing.

Sally’s Flower Shop


Flowers are a great way to brighten up your home and also a great way to show someone you care.

Salon Salon

SalonSalon Winooski-9.jpg

I desperately need to get my hair cut, and should probably check this place out.  This salon is full service and does have very reasonable prices.  Back home a hair cut runs about $60 and their cuts are only $45.

Sloane Mercantile


Sloane Mercantile is a vintage clothing store, which also has an Etsy shop.  They sell everything from clothing to vintage records.


Since I am sadly not 21 yet, I will do my best in describing these, and if they offer any specials, live music, or anything else that makes them unique.

Four Quarters Brewing


Four Quarter Brewery moved to Winooski in May of 2013.  They produce beer that is artfully crafted that is inspired by American and Belgian traditions.   This beer is served at many of the local restaurants and they also have a tasting room.

Monkey House


Monkey House started because there was a high concentration of amazing local musicians. The Monkey House is now a great part of the Burlington music scene and is a popular tour stop for many up-and-coming bands both international and local.

Mule Bar


The Mule Bar is going to be one of my first stops when I turn 21; I heard a rumor they have $5 Heady Topper, which obviously I have to find out if it’s fact or fiction.  Not only do they have a great beer selection, but they also have a menu filled with comfort food that is to die for.

McKee’s Pub


Every time I walk past McKee’s it’s packed, and after looking at the menu, I’ve figured out why.  Their menu has something for everyone, and the best part: it’s pretty reasonably priced.



Oak 45 is a wine bar that describes itself as, “a wine bar with a serious wine list, that is not to be taken seriously”.


Asian Bistro


You have no idea how excited I was when I found out there was sushi in Winooski.  They even have the Boston Red Sox roll, which I had a few years ago and never thought I’d see it anywhere else but Boston.

Donny’s NY Pizza and Sports Bar


What I love about Donny’s is how classic it is.  Sometimes, in my opinion, Burlington restaurants do take it above and beyond and it’s a little intimidating.  Donny’s is your classic pizza stop where you can order chicken fingers, pizza, and watch the Pats game.

Misery Loves Company


I’ve never been to their dinner service, but their Sunday brunch is honestly amazing.  Their waitstaff is extremely friendly and everything on their menu is perfectly created.

Our House Bistro


If you like mac and cheese this is your place.  They have anything from traditional mac and cheese to Jambalaya mac and cheese.

Papa Frank’s


Papa Frank’s is a great place to go out to dinner with your friends.  It’s a classic place with a great menu.

Pho Dang


Ever since I went dairy free, I’ve become a little obsessed with Pho.  There is nothing bad about this place.  It has a great menu and is also not expensive, which in this area is rare.

Scout and Company


Scout is a great coffee shop.  They have great specialty coffee and also have the basics.  My typical order is their Iced Mocha, but they also have a smores drink that is perfect for the cold days.

Tiny Thai


Tiny Thai is HOTT, If that is your thing you have to go to this restaurant.  The best thing about Tiny Thai is it is BYOB, meaning you don’t have to pay $9 for a glass of wine, when the bottle was probably only $7.

Sneakers Bistro


Sneaker is a great breakfast and lunch place.  What I like about it is they offer different types of eggs benedict, which is my favorite breakfast plate ever.

Waterworks Food and Drink


When your parents are in town, it’s an anniversary, or you’re just thinking about being fancy on a Tuesday go to Waterworks.  Not only do they have great food, but they also have live entertainment.

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