5 Graphic Tees You Need in The New Year

If you’re a college student right now, you can’t wait until finals are done and you’re home chillin’.  What makes that all the better is hanging out in a shirt that explains exactly what you’re feeling.  Also, who wants to wear real clothing on break? This article is featuring Perf Shirts.

Slay all day


I absolutely love this shirt, because we all know you studied hard and crushed those finals.  This tank you don’t even have to tell your parents how you did on your biology exam.

I woke up like this


This is perfect for those mornings where you look flawless and you have no idea why. It’s random, but we all know that “I look good feeling”


Nap Queen


If you’re like me there is not much rest on break.  It’s always good to take naps either in between shifts or after a late night with some friends.


Bachelor & Chill

Enter a caption

I would so do this, and any guy reading this please make this your tinder bio.  The Bachelor starts a few weeks into break and why not wear this top with a glass of rose.


Doing Nothing is hard


Break is about relaxing, taking a mental break from school is very important.  Money is important, but don’t overwork yourself, just cause you feel you need to.

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