3 Items Every Yogi Needs Monogrammed

Amore Beaute is an Etsy shop that sells homewares but also clothing.  Everything from their shop is homemade and unique.  The owner grew up in the foot lands of the Himalayas. When she went to boarding school she picked up her refined needlework skills.  Here are a few of my favorite items from her shop.

1. Monogrammed Yoga bag

Photo courtesy of Amore Beaute

Having a yoga bag is honestly the biggest game changer.  The best thing about this bag besides the way it’s made is that it’s monogrammed and customized just for you.

2. Monogram shorts


I love these to wear to bed.  Instead of getting them monogrammed with my name, I got them monogrammed with the name of my blog.

3. Silk Robe

Photo courtesy of Amore Beaute

Everyone should have at least one robe in my opinion.  They’re great if you’re like me and constantly forget to take a towel to the shower and also they are so comfortable.

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