13 Stores off Church Street you have to shop at before you drop

Photo courtesy of localvoretoday.com

Church Street Marketplace is the place when it comes to shopping on Burlington according to anyone, but the stores on the side streets are the hidden gems of Burlington.

1.Old Gold

Photo courtesy of mckennedy.org

If you’re looking for a vintage piece for a theme party or a fancy dress, you have to go to this store.  It is one of the most interesting stores i’ve ever been in and you can get pretty much anything you need.

2. Liebling

Photo courtesy of lieblingvt.com

One of the most fashion forward stores in Burlington in my opinion.  This store sells very contemporary clothing perfect for the most fashion obsessed women.

3. Nido

Photo courtesy of nidovt.com

Nido is a heaven for anyone who is a DIY lover.  Not only do they sell amazing unique fabrics, they also hold classes.

4. Lunaroma Aromatic Apothecary

Photo courtesy of lunaroma.com

Lunaroma offers some of the highest quality soaps and lotions in Burlington.  If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your spa enthusiast friend, come here.

5. Burn Gallery 

Photo courtesy of sevendaysvt.com

Even if you don’t partake in what you think this store is all about, you have to walk in and see their pieces.  They are one of a kind and are gorgeous.

6. Rackk and Ruin

Photo courtesy of ginandlinen.com

This store has the most creative jewelry I’ve ever seen.  Their pieces are made from a mixture of vintage metals, and crafted by hand.

Photo courtesy of wordpress.com

7. My Little Cupcake

Photo courtesy of foodio54.com

I would just like to tell everyone how amazing this place is.  Their treats are small and reasonably priced, which allows you to try out a few flavors without having to decide on just one big cupcake.  They also give you a free cupcake if you buy a glass of wine or heady topper.

8. Common Deer

Photo courtesy of commondeervt.com/

What I love about this store is the little things they sell. They sell great blankets and linens, but I love the little pieces of jewelry and homewares.

9. The Crystal Cottage of Vermont

Photo courtesy of yelp.com

This is one of the most inspiring stores in Burlington. They have genuine crystal and their owners are extremely passionate about their store.

10. The Green Life

Photo courtesy of  http://www.thegreenlifevt.com/

The reason I walked into this store was because they had a sign outside which said “Organic Mattress” and I had to find out what made a mattress organic. Aside from the mattress, this store sells something for everything. From shatterless wine glasses to onesies.

11. Burlington Records

Photo courtesy of digital.vpr.net

This store is a music lover’s dream and that is not an exaggeration at all. Not only do they sell everything from vintage records, they also sell instruments, and also buy music.

12. Vermont Farm Table

Photo courtesy of pinterest.com

If you’re looking for amazing handmade furniture you have to come to this store.  These owners care about their products and make sure they are extremely well made.

13. Hydrangea Too

Photo courtesy of

Hydrangea too is an accessory store located on College Street.  One of my favorite things is everything is always changing.

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