4 Winter Date Ideas With Outfit Ideas

Sometimes in winder people tend to become a little sloth like and spend more time in their bed watching netflix then going outside.  Yes I agree sometimes its just not worth going outside when its in the negative or there’s freezing cold hail outside.  Listed below are a couple dates that you and your someone special when its cold outside but still want to enjoy the weather.  Bring on some winter love!

1. Ice Skating

Ice Skating is A perfect date idea to enjoy the cold without being freezing.  It’s a great bonding experience between you and your partner where you can grow closer and learn the challenge of balancing the holding hands.
For your outfit you want to dress warm but not like you’re going to the arctic tundra, you don’t want to be uncomfortably sweating.

2. Snowboarding and Skiing

Going on adventure dates with your partner is a great way to bond and create an activity you can do with them and get away from your normal day to day activities.  If you live close to a mountain this is great for you if not its a great idea for a weekend get away.
Dress warm!!! And remember to check the weather report before you leave.  If its gross just go another time.

3. Getting Hot Chocolate

This a a great idea if your date randomly gets destroyed by some bad winter weather. Also it is a great idea for a first date because you can get to know someone with not too much pressure, I don’t think that anyone ever said that chocolate was overly romantic.

For a hot chocolate date.  Dress romantic casual.  Wear a dress that is comfy and match it with some warm nights and boots.  Always wear a belt to show off your waist.

4. Sledding

This is a great Idea for couples that get snow but are two far away from a mountain or just have a couple of hours to see each other.  Go to wall mart and pick up a five dollar sled and have fun!  Sledding is not perfect you are going to be covered in snow and freezing so dress warm.  remember your hats, gloves, scarfs, and mittens.

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