How to Look Adorable All Day On Christmas


It’s sad to say I’ve reached the point in my life where I’m too old to look cute with bedhead and mixed matched Pj’s on Christmas morning.  Here’s a few tips on how to look adorable all day.


9am- Presents
Now you actually sleep on Christmas Eve because you’ve given up on seeing Santa and feeding his reindeer. If your family’s like mine, the first thing you do Christmas morning is open up presents.  With opening presents, comes pictures.  And those pictures usually end up on Facebook.  So if you don’t want your crush in your 9:30 to see your no makeup bedhead, here’s how to easily look adorbs.   
Sweater; American Eagle


For early mornings, dry shampoo is your best friend.  Brush your hair, and spray some batiste dry shampoo in your hair.  For your outfit change out of your soccer shorts from 2nd grade, throw on some leggings and an oversized sweater.  If dry shampoo can’t fix your bedhead, throw on a cute knit hat.


11am- Brunch
Nothing says the holidays like hollandaise sauce.  Because this is just you and your family there is no need to go all gossip girl.  Keep the bow headband for later.  By this time, shower and put a little argan oil into your hair.  
Leggings: Hot Chillys
Boots:Top Shop

Usually a few close friends come over for brunch, so pj’s are no longer an option.  Throw on a tank top, with a cute cardigan.  Leggings and knee thigh boots are perfect.


5pm- Mini family Reunion 


You drove a few hours and now are bingeing on the dank Christmas cookies your aunt made.  Because I believe that you should always be comfy over fashionable when traveling, skip the fancy dress.  Wear a cotton skater dress with some leggings under it. 


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