5 Styles You Need To Wear In The New Year

ShaniBlumenfeld is an online clothing company.  In my opinion most of the clothing you get from retail stores is all the same because they’re attempting to cover all the trends.  What I love about their clothing is how unique it is,so you’ll show up wearing what no one else is.

Asymmetrical Skirt


I wanted to start with this one because it caught my eye.  This skirt is something that would be worn out or during the day.  I love the zipper and then the slit that is made when the zipper meets the upper thigh.

Button Down Shirt dress


This is one thing that is missing from my wardrobe.  What I like is it’s not formfitting, but you can wear a belt with it.  Wearing a belt creates shape for your body.  Or you could wear it without, which is my favorite way to wear a shirtdress.

Grey Black Top


Basics are staples to everyone’s closet.  What I like about this is it’s technically a basic, but it is made in a unique way.

Grey Knitted Cardigan


I love that the sweater is made with two colors and not just one.  It also is not cut straight across the bottom and therefore gives it more style.

Floral Skirt


This is a great example about how to wear floral in the winter.  The skirt is flattering and flowy, it will be perfect with a cute pair of tights.

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