My Morning Routine

Whenever I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is go through social media.  I go through Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook checking up on what’s going on with everyone.  I then make my amazing pick me up smoothie.

DBC Pick Me Up Smoothie Recipe


1 Banana

Iced Coffee

Cocoa powder

Almond milk

Real maple syrup

This is one of my favorite parts of my morning because for me it’s my healthiest way to get my caffeine in the morning.  In my experience, it tastes way better with frozen bananas.  Nothing is exactly measured out, which I love because you can cater it to your taste buds.


Having 8:30’s most mornings, this serves as my normal breakfast if it is a Saturday or Sunday I usually make myself pumpkin waffles, which you can find the recipe here.

Skin Routine


For my skin, I only use a few products.  I start off each morning with washing my skin with Cetaphil which is a gentle cleanser.  Then after I’m out of the shower, I use a simple face lotion called Perfect Day by Formula 10.6.8.



I start off by using Smashbox’s foundation primer.  I love using this because it makes my makeup go really smooth and is easier to blend.


Then I use my foundation which is Revlon Colorstay.  I’ve never used another foundation besides this one, it is great if you have oily skin and need an all day stay.

I then use Maybelline Ageless Concealer.  What I like about this is how well is covers up under eye circles.  It is better to apply your concealer after your foundation, because you end up using less and therefore more money for clothing than concealer.


I finish off by using Rodial illuminating powder.  It doesn’t add any color, but it does help give your face that perfect glowing look.  I finish off with () eyebrow gel and Smashbox XXL mascara (literally best mascara ever).



Every morning I wash my hair with Biotin shampoo.  It’s really great if you have thin hair like me and want to help it grow healthy and thick.  I usually always put something in the ends of my hair after I shower to keep down the frizz.  A great thing to put in your hair and let it dry is rosemary oil from Jade Bloom Oils.  It has a great smell and is great for your hair.

Go to outfits


If I’m super wrapped for time, my most classic outfit is all black. Which I probably wear a little too much of, but I love black so whatever.  If I have a little more time this season I love wearing a dress and a cute pair of tights, match with some thigh high boots.

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