5 Assesories for the Moon Obsessed

One of the biggest trends right now is moon phases.  Many people are getting the moon faces tattooed on their body.  If you like me and love the moon faces, but are a little hesitant on getting it tattooed I found another way to show your love for the moon.  Almanac for June is an Etsy shop that creates handmade jewelry inspired by all things alchemical, astronomical, astrological, and mythical.

1. Moon/Sun Medallion


The one thing I like about this is how unique it is.  This medallion has the moon on one side and the sun on the other.  It’s perfect to wear out to a fancy dinner with a black dress.

2. Moon Face earring set


Never have I ever been more motivated to get more ear piercings.  This is perfect for anyone who has multiple piercings on one ear.

3. Moon Studs


If you’re like me and only have one piercing these are perfect for you.  Also, in my opinion, stud earrings are highly underrated.

4. Moon Phase Ring


This ring is great to add to your stack of rings.  It comes in two finishes to best fit with your style.

5. Crescent Moon Hair fork


This is great to try out a bunch of different hair styles, but also is great for last minute hair styles.  It’s a great addition to anyone’s hair accessories.

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