3 Valentines Day Gifts For the Newly Single

Nothing is worse than getting your heart broken right before Valentines Day.  You’re sitting at home going through your social network feeds seeing all your friends gift and romantic dinner dates there on.  Here are some gifts to give one of your friends you have just gone through a recent heartbreak.

1. Wine is My Valentine T-Shirt

Stop by the store and grab a bottle of wine, chocolate, cheese, and some good chick flick.  Sometimes after a breakup going out is only a temporary way to get your mind off how you are feeling.  You just need that night to cry eat high-calorie foods because it does make you feel better to just cry it out.

2. Break Up Mug

If the breakup was over something bad the other person did a humorous mug might be a good way to help a friend get over a douchebag.  If you want to make it yourself just buy a white mug and a sharpie and bake it for ten minutes at 275.

3. Ryan Gosling Earrings

Give these to a friend to remind her that the god guys are still out there.  You don’t have to buy pretty much anything with Ryan’s face on it will make anyone smile.

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