5 Hilarious Cards For Your Bff On Their Birthday

It seems like more and more technology is quickly overtaking our life.  When you’re at school, there’s a lot of people that you are close to, but sadly only get to see on vacations and holiday.  A great way to show that you miss someone is to send a letter.  Here’s some cute cards to send your best friends while you’re at school.

1. Anatomy of a Birthday Cupcake


I wanted to start out with Birthday card because saying Happy Birthday on Facebook is never enough.  What I like about this is it is the perfect card if you have a friend who is studying science in school.

2. A Dozen Roses for Your Birthday


First I would like to say if any of my friends are reading this, I want this card on my birthday.  Last week at a wedding I ordered Rose and they didn’t have it and I was a little sad.

3. Peace, Love, Tacos


Who doesn’t like tacos? They’re even gluten free.  This is a great card for your foodie friend.

4. Hey There, Corgeous


I love this little play on words.  This is a great card for your friend who misses their dog at home.  Even better a great card to be in a care package from home.

5. You Are My Favorite Human


What I love about these cards is how you can send them to multiple people in your life, but customized by what you write in the card.  So many cards have a printed usually horrible saying in the inside, but these you can come up with your own personal corny saying.

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