7 Sexy Ways To Wear Velvet

When I was in elementary school I honestly would never be caught dead in velvet. For some reason, I thought it was the equivalent to wearing Crocs to a formal event.  But there is not one trend right now that I’m more obsessed with.

1. Leggings


Starting off with the most classic and traditional way to wear velvet.  These are perfect for the winter months when you don’t feel like wearing pants. Cause, well 8 am’s are probably the worst.

2. Bodysuits


Even though everyone said to ditch bodysuits in 2017, I will try to keep the trend alive and I want you to also.  The reason being is it is impossible to get the perfect tucked in look.  Also, they are great to show off the shape of your body.

3. Sock boots


When you think of velvet, the last thing you probably think about is them on shoes, but there are actually a bunch of new shoe designs using velvet that I just love.  These are perfect for going out or honestly just wearing to class when you want to look a little dressy.

4. Chokers


Velvet black chokers are cool and super popular, but I love the colored velvet choker.  Even colors you wouldn’t think would look good, for example green looks great.

5. Dresses


There are so many different types of velvet dresses that are popular.  My three favorite are the wrapped dress, slip dresses, and bodycon dresses.

6. Jumpsuits


This one surprised me the most that I decided to put it in the article.  I said earlier that I never liked velvet, well the same goes for jumpsuits. I never thought they were flattering to body types, but there’s something about a black velvet jumpsuit I love.

7. Crop Tops

If you love wearing crop tops, but believe that you can’t wear them pass the warm summer weather, velvet crop tops create the perfect opportunity to wear them out in the winter months.

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