Bath Melts are a College Students Resource to Relieving Stress

If you want to relieve stress, you have to actually relax – it’s one of the most important aspects. In college, it’s easy to realize how much stress you’re under, but it can sometimes be difficult to find an easy way to relieve it. In my opinion, exposing yourself to a good scent and creating a relaxing environment is a very easy way to relieve stress.


In my opinion, bath bombs are perfect for a night when you can make your own spa day, but not for the everyday.  Bath bombs tend to be more expensive and sometimes even a little overwhelming. If you want a classic comforting bath – try bath melts.


I loved how natural these bath melts felt. Bath melts from IrishWildAtlanticWay are free from detergents, propylene glycol, SLS/SLES, paraben and other unnecessary ingredients.

Another and probably the best thing about bath melts is the price, especially being a college student. One bath bomb can be as much as ten dollars, while you can get 8 melts for the same price.

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