7 Stylish Memo Boards For Every College Student

Sitting in class right now the day after spring break could not seem like it could go any slower.  The thing is your brain is still on spring break mode, which is fine. But the problem with that is sometimes your spring break mind can sometimes make you forget about something important you have to do.  Here’s a list of memo boards featuring MagnaMemos on boards for every college student to keep them organized.

Being a college student, the best part about these boards is how light they are.  If you’re living in a dorm or renting an apartment off campus, you can’t use nails or anything stronger than command strips.  These are easy to set up and put anywhere in your home.

1. The World Traveler


If your passport is filled with stamps from all over the world or if you have a wish list of all the places you wish to go in the future, you’ll love this board.  You can make note of the places you want to go, by drawing on the map itself.  The best part of these is they are completely dry erase safe.

2. The Disney Lover


I feel like everyone has a friend who is obsessed with Disney.  This is the perfect gift to get them.

3. The Cat Lover


What cat lover wouldn’t want to write their daily to-do list on this board.   It’s purfect for someone who loves their cat more than anything.

4. The Wine Lover


Because sometimes you need a reminder after that long day at work to stop and get yourself your favorite type of wine.

5. The Vintage Lover


If you love going to thrift stores on the weekend, this is a perfect place to write down a vintage clothing piece that you’re looking for.

6. The Beach Lover


All these memo boards at Magna Memos have a different frame that perfectly matches their photo.  This is perfect for anyone who loves the beach and wants something to remind them of it.

7. The Organizer


If you’re the person that plans everything out in a month, this is your board.  You have a dot for every day, there’s no way you’re going to forget anything.

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