This Candle Company Makes Candles That Smell Like Your Favorite Foods

There a few things I love about living off campus.  The first is no more gross dorm food and the other is no room inspections.  Therefore, I can have all the lava lamps, wine, and most importantly, candles I want.  Now that I have this freedom I wanted to try out some interesting scents and came across, Ahnas Sweet Soy Candles and asked them if they wanted to make a partnership.

The owner, Ahna, absolutely loves to be crafty and creative.  When she became interested in learning the art of making scented soy candles at home, she became obsessed with it.  She was inspired to create something different and unique, something that would really reflect herself and her love of all things sweet, girly, and pink.

1. Fruity Loops


This was the first one I wanted to try out because I had no idea how this would make a candle.  The best part about soy candles is they last longer, are less toxic and in my opinion, have a better smell.  This candle smelled just like the cereal you loved as a kid.

2. Blueberry Pancakes


Each candle comes with two pieces of taffy, something I didn’t know. I was having a rough day and this turned it right around.This candle is my favorite to light when I wake up in the morning.  It’s very welcoming and reminds me of home cooked waffles.

3. Box Of Chocolates

IMG_0886 (1).jpg

I got these candles right before Valentine’s Day, and this was the best candle for that day.  It’s perfect for when you want to smell something sweet, but are too lazy to cook anything.

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