This Cute Teepee is the Trendiest Dog Bed

Going through Etsy is one of my favorite things to do when I’m trying to “take a break” from doing my homework.  A little over a month ago I came across MiniCamplt.  Mini Camp is an Etsy shop that sells mainly teepees for pets and children.  When I saw it I knew I had to get one for my little puppy.


What I love initially about this teepee was how easy it was to put together.  I’ll be honest, I suck at putting things together and initially had thought, “where do these poles go?”  After I figured out that they were used along the base to hold together the teepee, it took me about two minutes to put together.


There are many teepees for sale on Etsy, some are very colorful, and others are classic canvas.  What I love about this one is it’s not overly flashy.  There’s little details that make this teepee cute and adorable.  The front has little balls going down the opening and can be tied back.  The same little cotton balls go around the pet bed that is also included with the teepee.  This tent is all about the little details.  The top poles sticking out have two larger pom poms hanging from it.

My advice when getting a teepee is get a few pillows to fill out the back, especially if you’re getting it for a child.  This will make it more comfy and also the same Etsy company sells adorable pillows.

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