13 Things To Wear When Weather Gets Confusing

Even though it’s a little worry some that it’s not snowing this month, I’m enjoying the nice weather.  The only problem is I have no idea what to wear in this in between weather.  It’s too hot for a jacket, scarf, and a hat, but it’s too cool to wear just a sweater.  Here’s the guide we all need for this weather.

1. Lightweight longline bomber


These are great for when you’re going out.  The reason being is it’s still a little chilly to be bare legged, but a longline bomber will keep you warm.

2. Scarfs


It’s the perfect thing to bring with you when you’re unsure about the weather.  If it’s too warm it’s so small you can always just throw it in your bag.

3. Wool coats


I know what you’re thinking, wool? Really? But they are perfect for a day out in inbetween weather.  The reason being is you don’t have to zip or button them up.

4. Light jacket, with a mini tee


I just got a mini tee and love it.  Tees are one of the most underrated tops.  It’s a perfect opportunity to wear a pair of high waisted jeans. A light jacket will keep you cozy when you’re outside.

5. Bright accessories


With warmer weather it’s a great chance to start wearing your favorite baby pink bag that you thought you could only wear in spring and summer.

6. Mini skirts


I did this last week when the weather was so nice, warm, and it was amazing.  Stick to colors that are still wintery like denim, suede, or corduroy.

7. Light sweater


Don’t worry – sweater weather is still not over.  Just trade in your wool knit sweaters for lighter ones.  They are perfect under a light jacket.

8. Statement coats


Remember that leopard print coat you bought thinking you’d wear so much, but it’s always been so cold? Good for you this warmer weather let’s you wear that coat all you want.

9. Sneakers


No need to worry about messing up your converse that you can’t possibly get any type a scuff mark on. Also, sneakers are super cute and way easier to walk in than heels.

10. Leather Moto jackets


These a great because they add the perfect amount of warmth.  They also look amazing zipped up or better yet not zipped.

11. Long sleeve crop tops


These are great for when you’re going out.  Let’s just say this warmer weather has made going out so much better.  You look cute and you’re also not freezing.

12. Draping


No longer is this look for people who think they’re “too cool”.  This is perfect for when you’re walking around town and need a little warmth and love your winter jacket.

13. Overalls


Match your overalls with a sleeveless turtleneck.  It’s perfect for when you’re going in between chilly and warm.  For example going between classes.

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