13 Things You’ll Just Get If You’re A Low-Maintenance Girly Girl

This is for the girls like me.  You love fashion, but don’t like the word “high-maintenance”  because you’re not.  You like how you dress and are chill af.

1. You love makeup, but you refuse to spend more than 5 minutes doing it.


You love looking at makeup tutorials on YouTube, but never spend more than a couple minutes doing your own.  It’s a classic look you love and have found the best products over the years.

2.You know all the latest makeup trends, you never take time to try them out.


You know every makeup trend and say you want to try them out, but it never happens because you know soon they’ll be onto something else.

3. You’re a pro at getting ready in under 15 minutes.


You can go from bed head to fabulous in under 15 minutes and awe everyone.

4.It drives you crazy when someone else takes forever and you have to wait for them.


You are a little impatient when it comes to waiting for people to get ready.  It’s because you don’t understand because you can do everything in a few minutes when it takes others hours.

5. You have hair straighteners and curlers, but never use them because your look is classic.


You have a curling wand and the latest straightener that won’t harm your hair, but you’ll never use them.  You like your hair how looks and don’t over think it.

6. Your beauty routine is constant and only consists of a few products.


Over the years your beauty routine has changed.  You’ve found products that work and some that don’t. Today you have your small set or products you love and use daily.

7. You love dry shampoo.


It’s perfect for mornings you don’t have time to shower and just need your hair looking your best.

8. You love looking at expensive things but never buying them.


You love reading fashion magazines, looking at all the gorgeous dresses that were worn at the Oscars, but you don’t need anything that fancy.

9. You love online shopping.


You have flashbacks of being a kid and having to try on everything because your mother needed you to. Today you love the convenience of being home and shopping online.

10. For you, feeling comfortable is absolutely key.


You love finding clothing that is cute and comfy af.  You have pieces of clothing that are very stylish, but people would never know you actually bought them in the sleepwear section.

11. You have a closet of clothing, but wear the same five things.


You have your favorite pieces, probably the newest things you just bought in a haul.  You wear the same few pieces and try different ways to style them.

12. Your nails are never painted.


You love nail art, but don’t see the point of painting your nails.  You have a large selection of nail polish you’ve collected over the years, but never use it.

13. You’re chill, but like to look cute.


You look amazing at your 8ams and everyone thinks your outfit took so much effort.  But really you got up 15 minutes before your class.

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