13 Things You Know If You’re A Girl Who Gets Ready In 15 Minutes

In junior high, it makes me a little sad how long it took me to get ready, yet I was late pretty much every day.  When high school came around, school started at 7:30am and I don’t know how I made that when I complain about my 10am class now.  In high school, I used to be able to shower, do my makeup, and have straightened hair in 20 minutes.  Today, every morning I get up 15 minutes before I have to leave and am never rushing to my first class.

1. You can do your makeup in under 5 minutes


Sticking to a basic routine has two pros. One is you get so good at it it only takes about five minutes to do your makeup.  The second is no one ever knows you wear makeup because you only have five minutes, no time for winged eyeliner, therefore no one ever thinks you’re even wearing makeup.

2. You’ve mastered the art of multitasking


My most impressive multitasking is doing my makeup while brushing my hair.  When you’re crunched for time, because well you love your sleep, you learn some tricks that are actually super useful.

3. You’ve lost count of how many times you’ve worn those leggings


We all have “those” leggings.  The ones that sit somewhere in your room or on the hook in your bathroom.  Even though you may have a couple more pairs you just love these ones.  Therefore you may forget how many times you’ve worn them.

4. You’re not a morning person


The only time you’re awake before 9 is because food is involved and even then you have to think about it again.

5. You have a morning alarm, but never stick to it


Every day my alarm goes off at 9am, but I don’t think I’ve ever gotten out of bed at that time.  I continually set timers that go off until I have 15 minutes before I have to leave.

6. You’ll scroll through your phone until you absolutely have to wake up.


On the days where you’re awake, but don’t feel like participating in life just yet.  You start going through your phone because so much has changed since you went to bed at 1am.

7. You don’t understand why you didn’t do this in high school


You used to wake up hours before class and now you’re waking up 15 minutes before and even looking better.

8. You wear the same pieces of clothing in a loop


You have your classic pieces hanging somewhere in your room you can grab in a rush.  My current favorite it is maroon yoga hoodie.  Have I ever done yoga? No, but who has to know.

9. Dry shampoo is your best friendsource.gif


I don’t understand how people have time to shower, and no one wants to walk outside in winter with wet hair.  Therefore, if your hair looks a little greasy just spray in some dry shampoo.

10. You love your nighttime showertumblr_m8npscayyu1rb2mc1o1_500.gif


If you do have time to take a shower, it’s about 45 seconds and you don’t have any time to relax.  You love your nighttime shower because you have time to sing through your favorite song.

11. The last time you sat down and ate breakfast was pre-k


I don’t remember the last time I ate a breakfast sitting down.  You love just grabbing something to go, eating it in your first class, or stopping by your favorite place on campus to get food.

12. You continue to challenge yourself


I’m always seeing how fast I can get ready.  It’s fun because whenever I challenge myself I end up getting ready even faster than planned.

13. You haven’t failed so far, so why stop now?


You have never failed.  Your routine is an accomplishment you can talk to your friends about, sharing your secrets about how to look flawless without taking hours.

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