My Thoughts on Body Image

Body image is a hot topic among all youth and fills the pages on the most popular fashion magazines.  For a while I wanted to share my thoughts on body image and what I believe needs to change for young adults to have a healthy view of themselves.  
One of the aspects of our society that has hurt people’s ideas of their body image is magazines.  Even though Photoshop seems like a harmless computer program, it creates a fantasy about what a person is suppose to look like.  I remember I was watching an episode of the Kardashians and not even after the photo shoot was completed one of the sisters said, “They better Photoshop them.”
Everyone strives to be perfect, even the people that say they don’t care or don’t try want to be perfect.  The thing is, we can’t be perfect because what is perfect?  
There’s another thing about body image I really wanted to bring up.  I watch The Mindy Project and just recently watched Trainwreck.  In both of these the main actresses, Mindy Kaling and Amy Schumer, are making jokes about their own weight or one of the supporting characters is making the joke.  This may not be the opinion of the masses, but I don’t think it is alright to make a joke about a woman’s weight especially when I think those are two gorgeous actresses.  
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There are many articles about how to end the stigma of body image, but to tell you the truth I think the solution is impossible.  Magazines and companies are always going to use Photoshop, which is horrible because we are never going to be able to see a real image of someone on the cover of a magazine.  Fashion is a world that strives for perfection, which is something I really prefer not to stand for.  In my opinion, fashion should be like a messy experiment, it’s what makes me love fashion. 

The Mindy Project; Danny Needs to STFU

One show I absolutely love is the Mindy Project. The writing and the actors are absolutely wonderful. I always leave watching an episode laughing and happy.  But the last few episodes have left me angry and sad.  The reason was because of the character Danny.

For those who are not avid Mindy watchers, the show is about doctors in Manhattan.  Mindy Kaling plays a doctor who is starting her own fertility clinic, but also just had a baby. Mindy is dating Danny who is also a doctor.  
The thing is Mindy and Danny were always so adorable together because they were so different. Mindy is adorable and very millennial while Danny is very old school.  What made me so angry and sad was that Danny was pressuring Mindy to give up everything to be a mother.
Not only did Danny say that Mindy would not be a good mother, but he was also tracking her ovulation tricking her into getting pregnant. Tricking someone into having a child is not only unfair to the mother, but also the baby.  A woman has the right to choose if she wants to have a baby or not.  Yes, if you’re in a relationship it’s a mutual decision, but if the other party does not want a child you shouldn’t be pressuring them into having one.  
Being 19 years old, I definitely don’t know what it’s like to choose my career over my kid, but I also don’t think it has to be a choice.  In my opinion, staying home full time or working full time does not make you any different of a mother.  Being a good mother is about loving your child and making sure they are given everything they need in life.  Giving up something of yourself, that you love, will not make you a better mother.  Your child will not think less of you that you did not stay home with them.  Mindy worked her ass off to get where she is, and shouldn’t have to give that up, or be with someone who makes her feel guilty about it.